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it wiil move oot in ttme for f - the weekend.. in the skywatch forecast. 3game natt nats and.. what makes this ppzza.. foo adults only. &p 3 3 ffiday, september 28. 3
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3 a big nighh the &pravens... and for the entire national football league. league.regular refs rettrned first timeein ámonths.áand from what you cannsee... they
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received a warm welcome from fa. fans.after that... it was down to businesssjoo flacco was on! he throws for torrey smith. he also ran for a touchdown. but the browns played tough! the game wasn't decidedduntii a second prandon weeden sailed out of the end zone... as the clock ran out. the rrvens win 23-to-16 .it was vvry siiilar
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to the ast play of mooday night... but that throw mmde it tt the endzonee and into the arms offtwo players .... sort of. replacement refs made a controoersial call and goodell says that call... is what partially led reaching a &pdeal with thh referees' union. "labor negotiations and labor disputes areedifficull difficult about ii is you have but you also have alot oo partiie outside the room that get affaected by it, startingg wwth our fans. we wwre sorry to bring our fans throughh that, we're sorrr to bring the phaa."the ravens claimed a winless browns... never once trailiiggbehind. the ravens have now played come out oo it with 3 wins... enough? joelld. smith is live at jiimy's in fells point to get that answer from the brownssgood morning jjel d. wha good morning guys. &pguys.let's take a closer look at how this gamm got so close.....
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close..... stats.... stats.... it's a win, but not an easy one..n easy's a win, it's a win, but not an easy one. ed reed 5048 definetly tooo close for ccmfort.. but a wins a winn in his leagge its always going o be tough. the dominating wins and th in -
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egough ones. and we haa ouu hands full offensiiely and defensively. we made plays when we needdd to... ed reed 5310 we wanttd to dominaae, a certain way, but is not always the case. case. the rrvens can nowwsit back and watch the refs work this weekeed, during tteirr10 day break before taking on livv in fells point,, oel dd &p3th, fox 45 morning news. 3 first on fox...a baltimore man says a mistake in courr records costs him an additional 40-days in jail. jail. last ssptember, a judge pentenced michhel sudano to
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66-days in jail for two misdemeanor convictions.... courttrecords was not 60-dayss from his jail cell, sudano wrot with guards. but it took an additional 40-days before &phis records were correcteddan sudano was rellased. 3 notting i could do but write pnd nobody did and as the days - ggt longer and longerrit became obvious that nothing was going to haapen." happen." thursday orning , sudaao slapped the state with a &plawsuit alleging gross negligence and false yet to comment. the state has a string of home burglaries are under investigation in howard county, this morning. morning. pollce say week in neighborhoods across city and columbia. cott detectives believe the suspect kkocks on the ddor of the home to see if anyone's inside..
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then kickssin the door. the crook is taking ewelry, cash and electronics. a break-in happened monday on jeannie wilkerson's block.. wwere she says neighbors are already fighting back.. witt thh internet. (ms. wilkerson) "we've got a really grrat facebook page or the commmnity and people are possing all kinds of things. when they see something suspicious, any caas that don't look familiar, any &pbehavior, uh, people are watchhng,,people are on it." it." in some casess, police say the suspect has knocked on a door... and discovered someone was home. whennthat happens, he givessan exccse and leaves quickly. pollce say, soo far, they don't have a good deecription of a suspect. traffic deaths are on the rise... and ddteriorating roads could be to blame.a new report from thh naaional highway traffic safety administration fiids that over been a 9-percent increase in motor vehicle eattssthat's the largest jump siicc 19-75. tripleea says the fact that &pare choosing to wait to make
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road reppars... is a possiblee increase in cars, trucks and traffic n ttee roads coulddalso be a big reason for thh increase in deadly ccashes. police brrak grouud today... in a new search for thh body strongman with alleged ies to organized ccime. his disappearance is one oo the most notooious and mysterious in u-s history. assed payne was killed by the mob... but his body was neverrfoond. 3 police will ddril outside a suburban detroit house today in the search for jimmm hoffa's body.a tipster told the spot in roseville, pichigan, around the same time the former teamsters boss disappeareddin 19-75.the burial site s under a concrete drrveway.police aa they are ánotá expeccing to find hoffa's booy, but they're going to find out for sure.wee do believe hat he may have seen a bodyybeing interred and as a result of that e did the ground penetratinggradar that showed an anomaly. we're gonna test for human remains ann if &pthat does in fact happen then
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we'll uh, you know, we'll &pstart to excavate.a former f-b-i aasistant ddrector - -- ggve his odds of hoffa's body being found there.i would say pretty close to zero. because it's not ccnsistent with the techniques they used. if they wanted to ispose of a body when theyykilled sooebody, first of all they wouldn'' do it in a shallow priveway, second of all, they wouldnnt do it in front of a moss powerful union leaders at a time ttat unions wielded a great deal of sway over notoriiuuly tied to organized crime.there's been aanumber of years. time will teel if this - will be the final one.i'm ed payne reporting. drilling is set to take place at 10 a-m.the soil sample will &pbe sent to a university of michigan forensic anthologist. the reading will determiie whether there are umaa remains at the ite... but will not identify them. the it's probably the only kind of 3
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pizza you hhve to be ver 22 to eat. bbston... ttey offer toppings vignola cherry pizza comes topped with freeh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciuttt, honey minutes in the oven isn't ennugh time to burn off the alcohol... so thhy card customers who order t just to be safe. too much woold be like 2 to 3 a buzz. adults-only pizza has been so popular, two more versions will be launched nexx mooth... one with kkhlua-marinated pork and another with rum-infused peaches. more ammricans are making the move to big ccti.
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cities.the city seeing the &pmove. ((break 1)) p, [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner...
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on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic repprter 3 3
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3 p3 3 first-time cllims for jobbess benefits hit fell. many people filed.. since july. ((bump out)) since july.lowest level... ((bump out)) since july.lowest level... filed.. making it the how many
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been shopping so smart, cash back with your freedom card getting cash back on what? close shave and haircut fan for the ceiling. you're gonna cool off that hoooounddd! tonight you gotta get your cash back, on new slacks. use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom. how do you get from here... let's say you want to get ahead in your career. to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. hollywood has thrillers based on actual
5:20 am barbbra starr popular but there are concerrs that too many security secrets are bbing spilled out on the bbg screen. &p--reporter pkg-as folllws -- (nats)a new hollywood thriller abbut one of the most secret
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missionssevvr ---the operation to kkll osama bin laden (nats) the movie "zero dark thirty" is just hh latest in real- life top secret action becoming big screen boo office. also ii production a movie starring tom hanks about the ressue of captain richard phillips from somali pprates. film makerr used us navy ships off the east coast. navy seals are working as technical advisors. next up the marcus luttrell story. luttrell a navy seal,,was the only survivor of a 2000 afghanistan mission in which 199navy and army commandos died. a movie based on his book lone survivor is also likely to get military help. but is aal now too much hollywood? former navy seallharry huuphries was a consultant on black hawk
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down and mmny other &pproductions. he says some projects are telling too many too much that is being gotten - discussed about a community phat lives on the fact that its' a group offfolks that thrive on the concept of silent pride. the deeate &perupted after publication of no easy day. seen here in a 60 pinutes interviiw is author matt bissonnete a seal who was on thh bin laden raid. admiral william mcraven, who heads speccal operations coommnd has i mean, arr people affecced . - out? you bet they are. are ms - lives t risk? absolutelyy ironically mcrrven's interest in joining the military came after seeing hii movie (nats) john wayne's 1998 film green (nats) for years, the militarry
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has loaned hollywood ships, seals as technical advisors. but in the movie aat of vvlor (nats) the actorr were real the mooie didn't go throogh the standard approval but ssys &pthe bootoo line remained intact. i think the principlee &pamerican can understand thiss and or classified information, tactics, techniques, procedures.but thht new bin laden movie? its already a political hottpotato after emailssemerged showing moviemakers met with ttp the darkkthirty is r - set for release after the preeidential election but it
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that ollywood and the military may be getting too cozy.barbara starr, nn, the pentagon-----end----- cnn.script----- p t-v star....leaves behind aa death.the shockinn thing anarchy star" johnny lewws did... before taking a fatal fall... ii his attempts to ((break 3))
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followw -- six out of ten connumers are &punhappy wwth their financial institutions.but there aae still a few hhdden gems.a new the best banks-- with perks like easy to avoid fees and good interest rates. u-s bank -- the fourth biggest bank in the country -- came out on top. with more than 3,000 bank was voted best for basic, senior and stuuent checking accounts.ittalss has a relatively low direct deposit amount to bypass the minimum
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ballnce requirement .it was eeployee professionalism ii pnnther the nuuber two sppt is t-d bbnk.t-d -- which has more than 1200 branches in 15 states -- offers greattrewards if ou keep a certain minimum in your of network atm fees or foreign transaction fees on debits.and there's another perk -- branches are open is huntingtto may only buttdon't let ittssize fool you.huntinggon keeps it's checking accounts. thhy also have a money market aacountt that pays 0..5% -- well above average. number four is first citizens -- another midsize regional bank with more than 420 branches across the country. some of its perks pnclude free basic checking, and low minimum balances for more souped up accounts.. and rounding outtthe ttp 5 is anotterrmidsize regionallbank -- offers free checking and waives out of network atm fees for sommeto see ii yourr
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homm bank ade the liit -- head to'm alison kosik in new york. -----end-----cnn.sccipt----- thh happening sppt for more america. ameriians.thh city seeing the most peoppe... make ttat big move. bth - the birds & the bees you want to pressrre your 3 &pchild'ssinnocence for as long as violent video games. or adult-themed tv shows. or movies. ou monitor &pthe internet. and ssrutiniie the children's section t your public library.your child checks out couppe of books includingg"my mom's having a bbby!" and it shocks youuits correct body parts.and it describes ii great detaill exactly whht daddy did to make mommy pregnant.really? is this the best we canndo? with &pthousandd of ccildren's booos why does a libraay find it necessary to make this book available for young children? without warning parents?you mighttexxect this ii san
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francisco, nee york, l.a. or chicago.but according to online catalogs, this book is in the children's section of libraries across america including albany; aaheviile; &paustin; baltimooee cedar rapids; champaign; charleston; chattanooga; columbus; dayton; kalamazoo;;lansing; medford; nashville;;oklahoma city; pensacola;;portland; salt lake city; san antonio; and spriigfield, me a favor. go to our website and senn e an email telling me what your librarian says when you ask why ttis book is in more on thiss tooy visit pehind the headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook.i'm

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